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Here at Five Diamond Siberian Kitten Nursery, we take socializing your Siberian Kitten VERY SERIOUSLY! Yes we have kids to play with the kittens, and
adults to play with them (Siberian kittens like to be played with a lot, and well people like to play with Siberian kittens a lot... so this works out well for
everyone). But more than just playing with them, they are living here as members of our family, as soon as it is safe for them to do so; they are not hidden
away in a bedroom or cage somewhere. This means they hear the blender and the vacuum cleaner and the doorbell. They hear the dog bark, and greet the
mailman at the door. This makes for a more confident Siberian kitten, so that when one becomes available, you can celebrate the opportunity to choose a
Five Diamond Siberian Kitten! We hope you will agree that a Five Diamond Siberian Kitten is worth the trip, the wait (if there is one, some times we have
Siberian Kittens available with no wait!), and the price (our prices are comparable to most other breeders with similar goals).
Do we have a SIBERIAN KITTEN AVAILABLE for you now?
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Five Diamonds specializes in healthy Siberian kittens that are raised AS PETS in a household complete
with small children and other animals. This gives us the ability to provide active households with a kitten
that is ready for almost anything...  

Our program believes that
having fewer litters, providing constant family interaction, exposing kittens
normal household routines,  providing premium nutritional and veterinary support, and
allowing kittens and cats to have minimal confinement produce the kittens we proudly present as a
Five Diamond Kitten".  Our clients seem to agree!
Although the Siberian Forest Cat may have hypo-allergenic qualities that enable many
(not all)
people who are allergic to "other cats" to enjoy this remarkable animal, we feel it
is their
magnificent beauty, their impressive size, their intelligent and dog-like
personality traits
, their low - maintenance long hair, their sturdy and resilient
predisposition to good health, and their loving nature that make them the most
desirable breed of cat. Siberian Kittens may be available...!
Five Diamond Siberian Cat Breeders are located Southwestern Pennsylvania,
Pittsburgh, PA
Cat Fancy Article on
Siberian Cats (April 04)
"The sensitive or critical period for socialization of cats is two to five weeks."
The Cornell Book of Cats, 2nd Edition
Riley, age 10, has put together her own Siberian Cat Web Page.  Please click below to visit her site.
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Riley's Siberian Cat Home Page
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Kittens may be spayed / neutered prior to placement
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