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Black Tabby Cats Rare

Black Tabby Cats Rare

What Percentage Of Cats Are Tabby?

Of all the pets in the world, the domestic house cat is one of the most popular in the world. Some estimate has this amount in the 10’s of billions and others in the mid 400 – 500 million range.

Tabby cats make up around 60 – 70% of all domestic cats in the world. This means that just about two-thirds of all the cats that you come across will feature some sort of striped, blotched, spotted, or ticked coat pattern. Sometimes the coat pattern can change, this article explains this in detail.

This is because the tabby gene is the most linked in domestic cats. Even if a cat does not completely show the tabby pattern, the likelihood of the gene being traced somewhere in its history is high.

How Many Tabby Cats Are There Around The World

It’s not known exactly how many tabby cats there are around the world, however, estimates are in the hundreds of millions. Most domestic cats that you see will have this pattern.

Because cats reproduce at such a large rate, there’s really no way to give an exact number. Also, the tabby gene is present in almost every cat, even if you cannot see it in the coat pattern. Some people also have mistaken their cats for not being tabby, especially if it’s a cat with agouti hairs or with a ticked coat pattern.

What Percentage Of Tabby Cats Are Female?

The ratio of male or female tabby cats is all based on genetics. There are also some links to the coat color.

An interesting note about tabby cats refers to those with the orange-colored coat. About 80% of all orange tabby cats are male. The other 20% of orange tabby cats are female. While there are some studies to support the correlation of tabby coat colors and whether it’s a male or female, most of this is determined by the breed and genetic history.

So in this example of orange tabby cats, female orange tabby cats are actually very rare. They are more expensive to buy as a result.

The numbers change as you start exploring different breeds of cats with the tabby pattern. For example, Calico cats are much more female dominant. In fact, 1 out of every 3000 is a male, which leaves approximately the other 2999 as a female cat! Part of that has to also do with the fact that male Calico cats have trouble breeding due to their genetic irregularities.

Are Spotted Tabby Cats Rare

While most domestic tabby cats feature stripes, blotches, and ticks, there are also some that have spotted patterns too.

So, are spotted tabby cats rare? Not necessarily. Spotted tabby cats are one of the four main coat patterns that you’ll find. Breeds like the Bengal carry spots. Spotted tabby cats have coat patterns that look like a mackerel, but it’s broken up.





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Black Tabby Cats Rare
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