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Calico Cats Diseases

Calico Cats Diseases

Health Concerns

Once you’ve found out your Calico’s breed, you need to keep an eye out for the breed-specific health concerns. Some breeds are overall healthy, whereas others tend to be more prone to developing diseases.

Don’t be afraid to ask the sellers about the kitten’s genetic heritage and its parents’ health history. It’s possible that they won’t admit it if there’s a chance for genetically inherited diseases, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t ask.

If there are any warning signs that there’s something wrong with your kitten, alert the vet immediately. Catching an undiagnosed problem on time can help your vet prescribe a treatment that could save your new pet’s life.

Pay close attention to the fur

Calicos are notorious show-stoppers wherever they go due to their colorful and unique fur patterns. Unfortunately, their uniqueness is a double-edged sword.

The different colors make it harder to spot skin problems at once, as well as other nasty things like fleas and ticks.

Pay close attention to your Calico kitty’s fur and don’t skip the essential everyday grooming procedures. Maintaining its fur and skin in top condition is crucial for its well-being.

Bathing your kitty is also a necessity. Depending on how predominant the white patches are, you might want to use cat shampoos manufactured for light fur coats.

And my final tip for taking care of a new Calico kitten – don’t forget to give it the love and attention it needs (and deserves) every single day. Even though cats can’t speak, they know how to show us just how grateful they are for all of our efforts and devotion in their own unique and purr-fect ways.




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Calico Cats Diseases
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