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Calico Cats Personality

Calico Cats Personality

Calico Personality, Temperament, and Traits

There are scientifically documented studies about behavior and personality in specific cat breeds. But since Calico cats can be found in many different cat breeds, the Calico personality will vary. Calico cats are very different from one another and they engage in different behavior. However, a few characteristics have been attributed to the Calico cat.

The Cat Breeds Encyclopedia attributes some unique characteristics to the Calico personality. They are said to have sweet, endearing personalities. The Calico cat is said to be warm-hearted, affectionate, intelligent and good with children.

The Calico personality is also thought to be quirky. They are said to have a sassy but loving personality.

Some Calico cats have even been credited with intelligent acts of bravery, like saving their human and animal families or their entire litter of kittens from a burning building.

Ultimately, the Calico personality will be determined by a variety of factors including breed, experience and environment.
Fun Facts about Calico Cats and the Calico Personality

Here are some fun facts about Calico cats.

Because of their rarity, Calico cats are considered “lucky” by many around the world. The Calico cat is thought to bring good fortune to the homes and families that adopt them. They are also considered to be a little magical because of their three colors.
In the 1870s, Calico cats were named the official symbol of fortune in Japan.
The Calico cat became the official cat of the state of Maryland in 2001. The Calico cat was chosen because the colors of its fur are similar to that of the Baltimore Oriole, which is the official state bird.
According to Irish folklore, if you have a wart that you want to get rid of, just rub it against a Calico cat’s tail.



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Calico Cats Personality
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