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Do Maine Coon Cats Shed A Lot

Do Maine Coon Cats Shed A Lot

Maine Coon cats are beautiful creatures and besides that, they are known for being very friendly, affectionate and gentle. A Maine Coon is definitely the perfect family cat and that´s why this breed is so popular and loved by many cat owners.

But what about grooming and everything related to that? Do Maine Coon cats shed a lot? This can be a big turn off for many people, as most of the time at least one family member doesn´t want to have cat hair everywhere.

Actually, Maine Coon cats do not shed that much. Sure, it is a cat and it will lose hair, but one could think because of the size of this cat and because of the long hair, that Maine Coon cats produce more unwanted hair than other cat breeds. This is not the case. Many Maine Coon cat owners do not really notice the hair the Maine Coon loses, whereas people who own a cat with short hair complain about finding bushes of hair all the time.

So you see, Maine Coon cats do not shed more than other cats, so this isn´t really a reason for deciding against a Maine Coon cat. However, you might think that you have to invest a lot of time to groom your Maine Coon each and every day.

This is absolutely not the case. We have a Maine Coon and we rarely use a brush, because the hair looks good and there is no reason for it. Let me go more into detail here.

How Often Should You Brush Your Maine Coon?

Maine Coon cats do not have a lot of undercoat and their hair does not get mat quickly. Even if the hair is a little bit mat and needs to be brushed it does not require as much work as brushing a Persian cat, for example.

Some people recommend brushing a Maine Coon every day. However they don´t only recommend this because it makes the hair look good and healthy, they also recommend it because the cat gets used to brushing and does not cause trouble when brushing.

Personally, I don´t do that. Maine Coon cats are pretty laid back and they don´t get mad at you anyway. Further, the hair doesn´t really stay healthy because you brush it every day.

Sure, sometimes a cat needs to be brushed because the hair looks mat, but if that´s not the case, I don´t see a point in brushing it every day. It´s just not needed, so why doing it?

If you still want to brush your Maine Coon cat´s hair on a regular base, you can definitely do so. Every two to three days is totally enough though.

Maine Coon Cat´s Change Their Coat

In spring and in fall Maine Coon cat´s change their coat (it depends on the temperature as well). Some people say that the Maine Coon loses more hair during that time.

I can´t confirm that as I don´t really notice more hair, but during this time you might want to brush your Maine Coon cat more often to get rid of the loose hair in the undercoat.

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What Is The Best Brush For That?

You definitely want to get a brush that is suited for cats with very long hair. Even if a Maine Coon cat´s hair doesn´t require a lot of work, you still want to get it done properly. The brushes for long hair will get the job done quickly and properly.

A lot of people use a Furminator brush to brush their Maine Coon and I completely understand why. That brush removes all the loose hair easily and besides that, it is very easy too clean. Just push one button and all the hairs on the brush come loose.

Further, this brush is perfect for cats with long hair and it is not expensive at all. If you are thinking about getting a FURminator, but you don´t know if this is the right brush, have a look at this!

How To Brush A Maine Coon

Brushes like the Furminator make brushing without hurting your cat very easy. There is not a special way you should brush your cat. It really is just common sense. Be careful at the eyes and other sensitive body parts.

If you hurt your Maine Coon cat during brushing it might associate brushing with pain after a while and this will make grooming harder for both of you.

Further, be careful at the tail. Cats are sensitive there and the hair at the tail grows very slowly.



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Do Maine Coon Cats Shed A Lot
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