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Grey Tabby Cat Behavior

Grey Tabby Cat Behavior

Personality and behavior

Every tabby is a completely unique individual, so this is a just basic generalization. Tabbies are very friendly and intelligent, getting along with many people and animals.

However, they have a tendency to play favorites. Their intelligence just makes them realize some people and animals are more companionable than others. They’re rather playful but can get moody sometimes.

Fortunately, they tend to be very easy going and not prone to attacking. If treated well, they can be a very contented and well-behaved member of the family.

Though tabbies are not naturally predisposed to being overweight, their lovable natures can influence people to give them more food than is healthy. These cats have a natural instinct to both feed whenever they can and do what it takes to please the humans they’ve taken to, so they may not be very good at self control when offered a lot of food.

While tabbies do love a nap, they also love playtime and should get regular exercise to keep tabby from getting flabby. The heaviest cat on record weighed 46 pounds and 15.25 ounces. Because all this weight took a toll on poor Himmy’s health, the people at Guinness Book have retired this record so no one endangers a cat trying to beat it.

Tabby cat temperament

Tabbies are very outgoing and social as cats go. The first domesticated tabbies realized quickly it would be in their best interests to associate with humans. They’d chase away the vermin and in turn the humans would see that they were safe, sheltered and well fed.

Today, not everyone has a granary to defend but the Tabby is still a popular house pet that loves people. Tabby cats are ideal therapy animals that will cuddle affectionately with the patient. Many cafés throughout America are offering “cat rooms” where customers can have their choice of coffee, tea or me-ow!

The tabby is gentle with children and makes a good first pet. They get along well with other animals, even birds. They’re very good at making friends. A stray tabby won’t be stray for long. She’ll find out where the people are, win them over and have a warm and loving home before she knows it.

This popular breed was a favorite of British prime minister Winston Churchill, who took his tabbies everywhere and insisted that his ancestral home at Chartwell in Kent always have a marmalade-coloured (he’s British, that’s how he’d spell it) tabby with white feet and a bib in residence named Jock.

As of this writing, Jock IV welcomes visitors to Chartwell. Other celebrities who have been charmed by tabbies include Queen front man Freddie Mercury, glam rocker David Bowie, actress and animal activist Betty White and writer Mark Twain.



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Grey Tabby Cat Behavior
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